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Hey There! I'm Eugene.

A web designer with a head for marketing.


HOW IT STARTED : MY STORY in marketing

It all started on a plane trip to Japan from Australia on my two weeks of leave from a corporate job I hated (paid peanuts and worked overtime). I then met an elderly man on my flight who had just retired and was very excited about his long service trip to Japan, this was his first holiday abroad. Period. After this encounter I rethought how I approach work and my love for travelling and how I can create a balance between work and travel whilst still delivering great service to my clients.

So naturally, I quit my 9-5 (8:30-6:30) job working in corporate events. Once I left, I set my own hours and business goals and now I travel the world and help people get their marketing working for them! I now make beautiful (and functional) websites and accompanying marketing that help the people and brand behind them shine. I currently reside in New York City working freelance as an online marketing specialist.


Things I Do well.



Chances are, I can do it! Let’s have a chat about it and if it’s too crazy hard, I probably know where to point you to!